Vehicle Tune-Ups

Auto Maintenance in the Tri-Cities


We all want our vehicles to run as efficiently as possible, and regular tune-ups help ensure that they do. At Vancouver Brake & Wheel Ltd, we have been providing professional tune-ups on our Port Moody and Tri-Cities clients’ vehicles for more than 20 years – and saving those clients money in the process. When you visit our garage in Port Moody, we’ll get you in and out quickly and have you cruising smoothly in no time.

Here are a few of the many benefit of regular tune-ups:

  • They can help your vehicle run better and last longer.
  • They can provide you with better fuel economy.
  • They allow you to replace faulty parts before those parts cause more major issues.

In your tune-up, we can replace your spark plugs, ignition rotors, belts, fluids, and more so we can ensure that your automobile is in tip-top shape. With our services, you’ll have power when you need it, as well as the best gas mileage possible for your automobile. We are honest, professional mechanics who are ready to assist you!

Stop by our Port Moody garage, or contact us at (604) 461-3258!

Our Values

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